5 reasons why we love this Capetown home listed on AirBnb

[dropcap size=big]0[/dropcap]ne thing about beautiful spaces, is that they make an impression on you at first sight. Even though there are those spaces where, the more you look, the more you see, but, this lovely South African home listed on AirBnb is more like the former – an instant charmer.  It’s one of those places that makes you prefer more informal living arrangements that AirBnb offers as an alternative experience to living in a hotel when making a trip. Located in the heart of Capetown, it’s distinct dark charm and luxurious decor sets the stage for the ultimate getaway from home. Here are five reasons why we’d love to stay here if we get the chance,

1. Adventurous living

This home is an adventure for so many reasons, and if you’re traveling to South Africa for an adventure, what better way to commit to your plan than to live in one – it’s a constant reminder. For starters, it’s not a hotel, it’s a home, styled with style. It’s a deviation from the cookie-cutter rooms you’ll usually find in most hotels. In addition, if you’re used to beige, white or light colour scheme interiors, the dark and cozy spaces in this home offers a different experience.

2. Luxurious and pampered

One of the first things your senses catch about this home, is that the spaces are designed for comfortable living, from the comfy-looking sofa with fur throws and animal skin rugs in the living room, to it’s luxuriously styled bedroom and lounge. As a loft, the home already has an advantage for luxurious living – it’s high headroom, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open space plan creates a feeling of ”surplus space”.

3. Modern, minimalist industrial living

The furniture pieces are modern, the styling is minimalist, and the look is industrial. Nothing here is over the top. The styling is brilliant, because, despite being minimalist, the spaces are very textured – thanks to the fur throws, the animal skin rugs, and the other decorative pieces. The exposed roof beams, metallic accents from the light installations, and of course the metallic pipe open shelving gives it an identifiable industrial look.

4. In touch with nature

Green plants were introduced at various locations within the spaces – in the living room, the bedroom , the lounge, the kitchen, the closet, even the bathroom. The plants were used as accents in the home’s black and grey spaces. While they create a strong contrast with the spaces, their overall impact is calming. In addition to the plants, the spaces enjoy generous amounts of daylight via the floor to ceiling windows, skylights and they are tastefully decorated with lots of natural textures.

5. Subtle African decor

What’s a getaway home in Africa without a bit of Africa. Restrained decorations like the animal skin rugs which were used in almost every space, to the black and white beads hanging on the wall, as well as the African tribal wall art, reminds you that you’re in the motherland.

It’s safe to say, we love everything about this home – beautiful decor with awesome views (checkout the reviews). What are your favourite features in the house?

Image Credit: AirBnb




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